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A Call Center is a facility dedicated to receiving inbound telephone calls or making outbound telephone calls. Call Centers are typically centralized offices designed to accept a large number of customer service calls or sales calls. They are often separated from manufacturing and other facilities, but are needed by most growing businesses in all industry sectors. Companies may also use Call Center software and hardware services.  to make a large number of outbound calls. Outbound calling needs include sales (cold calling), debt collection, and surveys.   Survey companies are built upon outbound calling centers.

Calling needs can also be outsourced to companies that specialize specifically in making and receiving calls. Their employees are trained to represent the companies that hire them. Call Center software, systems, and other technologies allow for facilities to be physically located in countries where employment is less expensive. A large company may opt to have in house, dedicated or specialized services, while outsourcing easier tasks, e.g., billing and debt collection. Software is becoming popular for directing calls using fewer employees.

Calling options are becoming more versatile and are playing and increasingly important role in many growing businesses. Software and call distribution technologies allow a business to accept varying call volumes with a limited staff. Interactive voice response (IVR) systems, for example, answer and delegate calls instead of paid employees.

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